Towne Square Realty only accepts TAR applications. An application fee must be paid before it can be processed. Also, the applicant must submit legible copies of all adults driver’s licenses and 2 most recent check stubs via email or fax provided on the application. Also, please print, sign and submit the Tenant Criteria Form.

Once the completed application is received & paid and all the supporting documentation has been received, an applicant will receive a decision within 2 business days.

Completed application from everyone over the age of 18, copies of driver’s license from all applicants, 2 most recent pay stubs from all applicants. If applicant is self-employed we will need prior year tax return showing gross yearly income.

The move in date listed by you on your application will be the date approved for move in. If after approval you need to change the date of occupancy, you will need to contact our office, typically changing your move in date to a different date than already approved results in having to contact the owner for re-approval.

The pet deposit is an additional security deposit for the pets approved at the time your application is presented to the owner. Pets are always case by case. The additional deposit for the pets is set according to the pets breed and size.

A double deposit is needed when an applicant’s credit or rental histories show recent derogatory information. Applications will have a “conditional approval” until terms are agreed upon.

Upon approval of your application the deposit must be paid to remove the home from an active listing

It is the hope and goal of your Landlord that you receive 100% of your security deposit after the end of your tenancy. When it is time to leave we provide a list of instructions so you have every opportunity of getting 100% of your security deposit returned when you leave. If any damage is beyond normal wear and tear and not properly repaired then the expense to repair will be assessed in accordance with your lease and applicable laws. Any damages assessed to your account will be documented for you in an itemized accounting along with any refunded monies. We work with your Landlord to insure you are not charged for normal wear and tear.

Documents Required

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