Meet Sunny Mattern

I have been helping people move in the North Texas area for some time now. Whether I’m helping people move in or out, whether families are getting bigger or smaller and even whether the markets are good or not so good, I can assist you in all facets of your move.
I started in Property Management of apartments in the 1980’s. I started combining my connections of tenants with investors in the 1990’s with Texas Apartment Locators and Keller Williams Realty. I started my own agency in 2005 and have been specializing in Property Management ever since. Most of my clients live out of state and depend on me to be their “eyes and ears” for their investments here in Texas. My first priority is to get my clients paid on time and my second would be to keep up the property values. Vacancy loss and property damage is part of the risk of being an investor but through my screening process and my years of experience, I believe the risks decrease and my client’s returns increase. I also have extensive knowledge with legal proceedings, insurance claims, tax appraisal appeals, remodeling and make ready, section 8 tenants, HUD brokering, placement of tenants and the everyday managing skills for handling tenants and their everyday circumstances.
I also live in McKinney. I have 2 daughters at McKinney Boyd High School. I own a home in the Historic District of McKinney that is a never ending remodeling project and a home off Eldorado Pkwy. I enjoy watching the real estate markets as they go up and down. I enjoy outdoor activities like walking, golfing, gardening and watching sports. I love to see theatre plays and dine at my favorite restaurant, Rockfish Seafood Grill.
I hope you find this web site functional and easy to navigate. Please feel free to contact me anytime.